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About the Artist

From growing up on Cape Cod, to raising my own family in Fort Collins, Colorado, my life has continually been filled with movement and color--the most essential elements of my work.  While these elements have always been present, my self-awareness as an artist did not surface until much later in life.  I grew up, one of six children, in a little town called Falmouth, Massachusetts.   It was during high school that I first discovered my appreciation for art.  I joined the Air Force after high school graduation where I had the opportunity to travel.  

I earned a degree in interior design and worked for an architect.  I started painting and taught myself, through trial and error, to capture the curve of a calla lily,  the rolling shadows of a mountain and the ever changing colors of a forest.  

Artist's Statement

My work is an expression of movement and color, as well as a transmission of emotion.  Art has always been my chosen form of expression, and all that I hope to evoke from my viewers is exactly what I derive from the work myself:  feeling, spirit and passion.

My artistic influences include the works of Wolf Kahn and Georgia O'Keefe, among others.  I have worked with media ranging from copper, pastels and textured paper to acrylic paint, and textured canvas.  My tools have ranged from my fingers, paintbrushes and socks to my more recent favorite, a palette knife.