About the Artist

Kevin Aldrich

Kevin was born in Billings, Montana in 1951.  He grew up in Northern California and studied art at California State University, Sonoma.  After moving to the east coast, Kevin continued his art studies at The New School for Social Research and the Art Students League of New York where he was assistant to Thomas Fogarty.  He also taught drawing at Rensselaer Polytechnic Insttitute.  Kevin has enjoyed a wide ranging career path that has included engineering, music and piano restoration as well as fine art painting.  He has maintained a home studio in Fort Collins since 2012.  

Artist's Statement

My paintings are a visual representation of my emotional response to the world around me.  Whether I am painting the beauty of the natural world or the trappings of contemporary life, my aim is to illustrate the shared values that bind us together.  I believe it is my job as an artist to share my interpretation of the world I live in through the aesthetic depiction of light and color.  I find that oil paint has its own inherent beauty and I try to let the medium's personality show.  There is always a tension between realism and expressive brushwork.  I am a realist painter but I believe a painting should look like a painting, not a photograph.  I love to create the illusion of three-dimensional space while preserving the character of the medium. 

I paint because I enjoy the exploration of ideas that can be expressed visually.  If I can connect with others while expressing my feelings about the world we share, then I have succeeded.