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About the Artist


Kate Dardine

Kate was born in Norwalk, Connecticut.  From the time she was a small child, she felt a visceral connection with birds and animals that inhabited the fields and woodlands where she grew up.  Many hours were spent in the woods with her treasured companions:  squirrels, crows, chipmunks, blue jays and other critters.  

Kate was inspired to take up drawing and painting by her older brother, Lyn, who is artistic and visually impared.  After earning her degree in illustration from Sacred Heart University, a trip to Colorado set the course for the next chapter of Kate's life.  She and her husband packed up the kids and pets for a move to Fort Collins, Colorado where she lives her dream of having horses and an art studio.  Their animals provide an endless supply of entertainment and inspiration.

Artist's Statement

Kate has painted professionally for more that 20 years, and recently retired as marketing director at Fine Print Imaging.  She feels her work helping artists with their careers was a source of inspiration to her own artistic journey.  

"Animals are infinitely interesting to me, and I believe gaining knowledge and understanding of them teaches us something about ourselves.  In my work, I paint animals as distinct individuals, as well as use them to express the invisible, sacred and universal connections that exist between all forms of life.

My process is to enthusiastically and intuitively apply calligraphic brush strokes, words and patterns to the canvas.  I let the forms rise up uncensored from my subconscious mind...informed by dreams, visions, memories and emotions.  It is often surprising what shows up and continues to reveal itself in the work."